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Cornerstones Topics

Autumn 1a

Wriggle and Crawl



Grab your coat and pooter – we’re going out and about on a minibeast hunt!
Sweep your nets in puddles and ponds and lift up logs to see who’s home.
On your belly, legs at the ready, it’s time to wriggle and crawl!

Main focus: Science; English.


Autumn 1b

Street Detectives



This way or that way? Where should we go? Up to the local shops or down to the playing fields? Let’s learn about our local community, looking at houses old and new and finding out how our streets have changed since our mums and dads were young. Perhaps your granny or grandpa went to your school or maybe they worked in the baker’s shop?

Ready to roll, Street Detectives? Get your clipboards and cameras… it’s time to start investigating!

Main focus: History; English.


Spring (Whole Term)

Land Ahoy!



Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! Arrr... me hearties, – it’s a sailor’s life for me!
Get your sea legs on, it’s time to sail the salty seas. Navigate, investigate and explore the world – just like Captain Cook.
Thar’s land ahead, me buckos! Let’s get t’ship t’port.

Main focus: Geography; English.


Our Summer 1a Project




Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside! Do you? That’s good, because you’re about to become an expert beachcomber!
Head to your nearest beach either in person or using the power of technology to look for interesting and unusual objects, using your senses to spot, sniff and seek them out.


Got your shorts and sunglasses on? Bucket and spade at the ready? Splish, splash! Let’s get beachcombing…