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English in Year 5


In Year 5, your child will increasingly meet a wider range of texts and types of writing, and will be encouraged to use their skills in a broader range of contexts. Their knowledge of grammar will also increase.


Speaking and Listening

The Spoken Language objectives are set out for the whole of primary school, and teachers will cover many of them every year as children’s spoken language skills develop. In Years 5, some focuses may include:

  • Can speak clearly in a range of contexts, using Standard English where appropriate
  • Can monitor the reactions of listeners and react accordingly
  • Considers different viewpoints, listening to others and responding with relevant views
  • Use appropriate language, tone and vocabulary for different purposes



Reading Skills

  • Can apply knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes, both to read aloud and to understand the meaning of new words
  • Can continue to read and discuss a wide range of texts; asking questions about what they have read
  • Can read aloud with appropriate intonation, tone and volume
  • Can make comparisons about books; recommending books to others.
  • Can draw inference about what they have read and use justify with evidence
  • Can retrieve, record and present information
  • Know how language choices impact on the reader
  • Can contribute to discussions and debates; able to justify own views
  • Can learn and recite a wider range of poems

Writing Skills

  • Can spell words including silent letters, eg scissors, knowledgeable
  • Can use a dictionary to check spellings and a thesaurus to extend vocabulary.
  • Can plan the structure of my writing based on the audience and purpose.
  • Can plan writing by using notes and research
  • Can draft and write by selecting appropriate grammar and vocabulary
  • Can precis a longer passage to create a short text with the same meaning
  • Can use themes and detail to link paragraphs in the flow of text
  • Can use headlines, bullet points and underlining to structure and guide a reader through my writing
  • Can evaluate and edit my work to ensure it is of high quality
  • Can use consistent and correct use of tense throughout a piece of writing
  • Can proof read my work to correct spelling and punctuation errors
  • Can use modal verbs, such as could, may, must, to explain how something is possible
  • Use brackets, dashes or commas to create and explanation section in a text
  • Can begin sentence clauses with who, which, where, when, whose, that or with
  • Can link paragraphs using time, place, number or tense choices.


 Curriculum information adapted from the 'Rising Stars' Parental Guide.