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Year 5


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Learning in Year 5

Impressive Home Learning

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Autumn half term Home learning
Curriculum Evening Files Documents - 13/09/2017

Summer Activities

Hi Meerkats, I hope you all have an enjoyable break this summer.


If you have time, don't forget to look at the Summer Homework pack.

For your convenience I've added a copy on here for you to download. 


In addition, I've added some extra tasks you may want to have a go over the break. There's a 50 things to do this Summer activity list, a fun English summer pack, book recommendations and not forgetting, a  link to the Year 5's very own website!


On the website you will find a message board.

So if you have any questions or thoughts about next year please feel free to contact me on there (Parental permission required).


Recommended Reading for Year 5



50 book challenge

Click the image below to find a list of books to read in Year 5. Can you read all 50?


Our very own website

Click the meerkat picture below to visit our very own website. You will find lots of fun activities, games, message board, homework help and much more... 


Marvellous Meerkats 2016-2017


Music For Aladdin

Aladdin Jr. || November 2015 || QCPAC

Here is the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center's Production of Aladdin Jr! Aladdin Jr.

Aladdin Jr Play - May 2016

J.H.S. 189Q Production of Disney Aladdin Jr. May 12 & 13, 2016

Arabian Nights (Part 1)

Arabian Nights (Part 2)

Arabian Nights (Part 3)

Arabian Nights (Part 4)

Arabian Nights (Part 5)

Arabian Nights (Part 6)

One Jump Ahead (Part 1)

One Jump Ahead (Part 2)

One Jump Ahead (Reprise)

Arabian Nights (Reprise 1)

Why Me?

Arabian Nights (Reprise 2)

Friend Like Me

Prince Ali

A Whole New World

Why Me? (Reprise)

Prince Ali (Reprise 1)

Prince Ali (Reprise 2)

Whole New World (Finale)

Friend Like Me (Bows)

BBC Children in Need 2016: Aladdin The Musical (You Tube Clip - Make sure your parent/carer if you are allowed to watch)

Solfege Hand Signs

Nursery Rhymes with Solfege hand signs

Gallery Section

Relive your favourite moments from Year 5.

Look through the photos, videos and slideshows below

World Book Day

2nd March 2017

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Visit to Toyota

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Picture 14

Partake Theater Company

1st December 2016


Year 5 were treated to a fun day at Brookfield. We learnt how to dance the Lambeth Walk and the Jitterbug, we got to explore artifacts of WW2, we had a fun rationing quiz, we experienced what life was during the blitz,  we made bunting to celebrate the end of the war and we even had a celebration of days before the end of the day.




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The Lambeth Walk

A few clips of the original version of the Lambeth Walk, circa 1937-1939. Since the original was a five-minute stage extravaganza, there have been many different ways of shortening the Lambeth Walk into a social dance routine. These clips are fuzzy but they give a good idea of the dance.

Still image for this video

Still image for this video


We love learning!




Impressive Home Learning




Great Games for Year 5


Great Websites for Year 5


BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize

Children's Search engine

DK Find Out!



Useful Year 5 Documents