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Phonics Information for Parents

Below is some information and printables for revision and continuing support for Phonics in KS1. 

How to support phonics learning at home?

Understand how to put reading with phonics into practice with Emily Guille-Marrett and her son Albie courtesy of Oxford Owl - Learning at Home. 

What is Phonics? 

Watch this fun animated introduction to the key aspects of learning to read using phonics. Great for learning more about key terms such as 'phonemes', 'blending' and 'tricky words'.

Phase 2 - 5 Printables

Below are printable sound mats for Phonics Phases 2 to 5. 

Alphabet and Sound Family Printables

Below are some printables for revision of alphabet sound and sound families. 

Common Exception Words for Year 1 & 2

Below are the common exception words for Year 1 and 2 in two different formats. 

High Frequency Words

Below are 100 and 200 high frequency words printables. 

Useful Links and Online Resources