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Special Educational Needs and Disability


At some time in their school career, your child may need some help which is different to that required by most of the other children in their class.

Examples of this are:

  1. There is a bereavement in the family and a child needs specialised help to cope with their feelings.
  2. A child is making little progress in reading and needs a specialised programme and some 1-1 support.
  3. The behaviour of a child becomes particularly difficult to manage and parents and school work together to help the child.
  4. A child wears a hearing aid and his seating position in the classroom must be carefully considered in every lesson.


All of the above and many more come under the umbrella term of special educational needs and disability. At Brookfield Primary School we endeavour to provide effective support for these children and their parents. 


On this page, you will find all relevant and useful information about SEND at Brookfield.  

Our SENCO is Mrs McLean.

Mrs McLean can be contacted via the school office, 01332 516459, or e-mail:

SEND Policy

Brookfield SEN&D School Information Report 2018

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